Construction of modern textile complex starts in Ahal Velayat

Construction of modern textile complex starts in Ahal Velayat

Construction of modern textile complex starts in Ahal Velayat

Ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of new modern industrial facility that would be built according to the Programme of the President of Turkmenistan of social and economic development of the country in 2018 – 2024 as well as to the objectives of textile industry for the increment of export production was held in Babadayhan etrap. 

According to the Resolution of the Head of the State, big industrial complex designated for processing of 5 thousand tons of fine –fibre cotton would produce 3,300 tons of “compact penye” yarn, 20 million square meters of the same fabrics including 18 mullion square meters of coloured fabrics and 3.5 million ready-made garments. 

Project of textile facility provides the organization of entire chain of technology process from processing of cotton fibre to final production and includes spinning, weaving, colouring and sewing workshops. This solution is another important practical measure in realization of the strategy of the growth of national economy aimed at large-scale diversification of the branch, industrial development of the regions and maximum use of existing local resources. 

As is known, the construction of similar textile complex for processing of 5 thousand tons of fine-fibre cotton, which is important natural material for production of various high-quality textile demanded by local and foreign consumers, has started in Kaahka etrap, Ahal Velayat in March this year. 

Construction of high-technology production facilities of the industry was given to Turkish «Cotam Enterprises Ltd» company that has many years of experience of fruitful partnership in realization of similar projects in this sphere. Gyoktepe and Bayramaly Textile Complexes, Abadan Cotton Spinning Mill (the part of Ashgabat Textile Complex) and other facilities of this industry were built and put into operation with the active participation of this company. 

Heads of relative structures of textile industry, velayat and etrap administration, honoured elders, representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media, foreign businessmen and local residents took part in the ceremony. The Mejlis deputies also came to congratulate them on this important event. 

Exhibition of the production of textile industry represented by wide variety of high-quality goods and garments, which are supplied under Made in Turkmenistan logo to many countries of the world, was expanded on the site. 

Celebration atmosphere was supplemented by song and dance compositions performed by art collectives of the velayat and demonstration performance of young sportsmen. 

Opening of new facilities of the branch with closed production cycle in Kaahka and Babadayhan etraps in 2021 would allow considerably increasing the variety of ready-made textile garment and, what is more important, made of new types of fabrics produced from fine-fibre cotton that is on high demand in foreign markets. 

For example, it is used for production of lawn, awning, percale, taffeta, guipure and other fabrics, which has high value on the trade markets of textile industry. 

New facility that was put into operation in 2017 on the territory of Kaahka Cotton Spinning Mill “Serdar” is to solve the issues of fine-fibre cotton processing, establishment of innovative textile facilities oriented for export production. The facility arranged the production that was not made in the country before – specially twisted, fine-fibre double- weave yarn, which is designated for production of terry and knitted cloths and shirt fabrics. 

The participants and the guest were shown with the video about the achievements of our country in textile industry. Using special model, Vice-President of «Cotam Enterprises Ltd» explained in details on the capabilities of new facility, its provision with modern generation equipment from the world manufacturers and assured that the company would fulfil partners’ obligations timely and qualitatively. 

In their speeches, public representatives noted the contribution of the Mejlis deputies to the promotion of reforms and solution of social issues on sites. It was highlighted that opening of textile complex would create additional working places supporting further improvement of life level of the population. 

Mejlis Deputy Serdar Berdimuhamedov made a speech on behalf of the deputies’ corps. Having congratulated the participants on the start of the construction of new facility, the Parliamentarian noted large-scale changes in southern region that are aimed at the growth of the economy of the Velayat and at the improvement of social provision of the nation.

The capsule signed by the President of Turkmenistan was laid in the foundation of new facility under loud applause of participants and guests of the ceremony. Thus, ceremonial start of the construction of another facility, which would supplement production infrastructure of one of the leading export oriented branch of national economy, was given.

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